What can Reiki help with
Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'spiritual life force energy'. The word has spread around the world because this pure energy is being used more and more for Reiki healing, a form of spiritual healing that is now widespread in the West. Yet the man who had Reiki revealed to him was Japanese, Dr Mikao Usui, who had studied the ancient Sanskrit texts and then had a vision whilst on a 21 days fasting retreat in the monastery on Mt Kurama near Kyoto, in 1922, during which it was revealed to him how to use the Reiki for healing. From that point, Reiki healing has travelled worldwide, although its roots lie way back in the dim, distant past of India and Tibet. Its rediscovery is all a part of the deepening consciousness of our human family and its use is for anyone anywhere who is drawn to it.

Reiki can be used first and foremost for your own health and well-being. However, it can also be of great help in the healing of others, too, both humans and animals. That is why so many people are training in Reiki healing today: they wish to help others and they know also that to give is to receive.

Reiki is a form of pure vibrating energy which exists all around us. It can be channelled via you to the receiver by gentle hands on placement on the clothed body, allowing the energy to flow through you. You need to be able to open up to the energy and then you just act as a channel. It is not difficult but you do require training, and therefore to find a suitable teacher, and you also need to cultivate your feelings of love and compassion for others. First, though, you must feel happy with yourself. And Reiki can help you with all of this.