"I never came upon any of my discoveries

through the process of rational thinking."

- Albert Einstein

Creating the Life you Want

Contrary to appearance, life is not a haphazard event. Thought IS energy and because this is now a scientifically verifiable fact, you are creating your life every minute, every second, using abilities of which most of us are largely unaware.

Using different methodology, the Intuitive Edge courses will take you through a sequential process enabling you to be more pro-active in creating the life you want.

The Intuitive Edge Series – Discovering your Diamond

We are all born intuitive, but most of us don't develop this most useful of life skills. Using a range of innovative methods Michaele Wynn Jones and Marianne Woolwich have been running these workshops with gratifying success since 1998, helping participants from all walks of life, to uncover their own unique portfolio of gifts and abilities. They inspire their students to use these tools creatively in all areas of life, both personally and professionally.

The series of weekends, or two day workshops are stand alone, although participants are encouraged to do the foundation workshop as a first step.

The workshops are open to anyone with an interest in exploring their own intuitive potential. The courses are not one-off opportunities, as they are the backbone of the Diamond Bridge Initiative personal development provision and run bi-annually.

If you can't wait until the next course here in Pietrasanta, Michaele and Marianne also run these personal workshops and programmes in the South of England, Helmsley North Yorkshire and Haarlem, The Netherlands. Have a look on their website: www.diamondbridgeinitiative.com