Intuitive Edge Courses
The Intuitive Edge - Foundation

An introduction to the Nature and Nurture of intuition. You will be encouraged to jump right in and get your intuitive feet wet.  We are all intuitive beings.  This course helps you to begin to understand and have confidence in just how intuitive you are.

Amongst other skills development, on this weekend you will begin to:

* Uncover your way of receiving intuitive information.
* Learn how to incorporate your intuitive ability in everyday life, giving you the Intuitive Edge
* Prove to yourself that your intuition is already functioning, through hands on exercises that will give you indisputable confirmation that you can do it!

The Intuitive Edge - Developing your Intuitive Edge

Marianne and Michaele will be somewhat tailoring this course to the needs and interests of the group.  Most people will have done the Foundation course and will have a good idea of how their intuition works and some of the steps they need to take in order to develop their intuition further.  There will be opportunities to develop and also to experiment with other techniques, within a relaxed and safe space and with like-minded people. 

The Intuitive Edge - Sense of Intuition

Experiential weekend introducing energy sensing through the human energy field,
Amongst other skills you will begin to:

* Experience chakras and auras through all your senses
* Learn dowsing skills for fun, health and the Intuitive Edge
* Discover the exciting potential in the art of Psychometry – using your senses to interpret information from pictures, jewellery, objects and names.

The Intuitive Edge - Colour of Intuition

Amongst other skills this experiential weekend explores facets of colour including:

* Introducing the colour palette to put the ‘Hue’ back into Man (Humans)
* Discover fascinating colour reading techniques for health and well-being
* Your personal power colours.

The Intuitive Edge - Language of Intuition

This is an experiential ‘code cracking’ weekend. Amongst other developmental skills you will be introduced to:

Deciphering your symbolic world to discover your Intuitive Edge
De-coding Lexicography – unravelling the code within words
Demystifying life through word, colour and image.

Watch this space for:

The Sound of Intuition
The Texture of Intuition
The Professional Intuitive - the business of Intuition