Intuitive Edge Courses

Walking The Labyrinth

This is an exciting and inspirational one day workshop that begins by putting labyrinths into a historical, religious and socio-cultural context. Then we construct and walk our own labyrinth and experience for ourselves the power and impact of this ancient symbol.


Numerology is the philosophy psychology and symbology of number. It is the best way we know to discover your life purpose. We teach numerology over four weekends or a series of evening classes. On our numerology courses you will learn:

The basic language of number
How to analyse your personal numbers and code-crack your own name
How to discover what your life path is all about
The challenges and issues you have set yourself
The tools you brought with you to help you grow
How to begin to unravel the meanings behind all the other numbers in our lives that we mistakenly take for granted.

Numerology courses are by their very nature sequential.

Numerology for Beginners - Beginners ‘Numerology is what it says on the tin! You start to look at the significance of numbers according to Pythagoras and at your own Life Path number, which basically tells you why you are here. We also look at the tool kit you carry around in your name.

Numerology 2 - is Potentials in that name. Your soul contracts, your personality and how they work together (if indeed they do!) the significance of the first letter in your name and the first vowel, any karmic lessons and debts you may also have. Name changes, and the impact of nicknames, business and signatures are also explored

Numerology 3 - starts to look at predictive numerology. This is about the operation of personal and universal cycles, your personal challenges and learning points and when they are likely to kick in for you personally. Trying to organise a holiday, a job search, a move to a new house? This session helps you to maximise your potential timing.

Numerology 4 - is an added extra for those of you who get ‘hooked’ We explore and compare systems of numerology other than Pythagoras.

Conversations with Archetypes

We all have 12 leading archetpes, the ?internal committee? that orchestrates our behavioural patterns. Four archetypes are common to everyone, the remaining 8 are particular to you.

Archetypes cause us to assume the roles of personalities such as: Superwoman; Joan of Arc; Mother Theresa. These in-depth workshops look at the positive and negative influence of archetypes in all aspects of your life . Based around Carolyn Myss's " Sacred Contracts", we encourage you to take the process one step further.

If you are curious to explore who is at your own personal round table, this is the course for you.

Facets of Colour

The definitive course on colour. Using innovative techniques we explore not just traditional colour meanings but discover your own particular language of colour and how you can use it to improve your health, your image, your environment and your intuition.

A Young Persons Guide to Using Intuition

A four day course for teenagers between 13 and 16 who are interested in developing their own intuition and explore how developments in mainstream science are starting to prove some of the unanswered questions of the past.
Can you taste colour?
Can you use your mind to move objects?
What is an aura?
Using well known documentary sources as our starting point we examine the science and the mystery of this fascinating arena.

The number of students on each course are deliberately limited to maximise the training benefit to participants.

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